We are a collaboration between Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business (Washington D.C.), and the University of Genoa (Genoa) with the mission of finding a better way to learn and innovate. Our goal is to help young entrepreneurs thrive and create something meaningful for tomorrow’s world.


Established in 1789 to educate the leaders of a new nation, Georgetown University is today one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, located at the center of global politics and business in Washington, D.C. For more than 225 years, the University has offered transformational educational experiences that prepare the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a difference in their companies and communities. Georgetown continues to be a destination of choice for presidents, legislators, CEOs, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs.


Established in 1481, UniGe is one of the largest and best STEM-oriented universities in Italy. We have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and we understand how hard it is to build a venture and how it should be done.


The City of Genoa
Recognised as one of the most technologically advanced in Italy.
777 Partners
Miami based, the private investment firm invests across a number of high growth attractive verticals with a strong focus on financial services.
Genoa CFC
The first football club in Italy. The club won 9 Serie A league titles and 1 Italian cup.
Chamber of Commerce Genoa
The mission of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa is to represent, support and promote the over 70.000 businesses that produce, transport and trade goods and services in the province of Genoa, Italy.
Passadore & C. Bank
Banca Passadore & C. is a privately-owned, independent bank serving private and business Customers since 1888.
Italian leading wind power operator, one of the leaders in the European market, among the top five solar energy producers in Italy, with a significant and growing presence in France, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Romania and Bulgaria.
Industrial and investment holding company with interests in advanced technology, superconductivity, steel, energy and med-tech segments